South Shore commuter train crews evacuated about 40 passengers late Sunday from a a train into the Dune Park station after an equipment problem caused an electrical flash.

A problem with the pantograph on eastbound Train 511 — which was scheduled to arrive at Dune Park at 10:40 p.m. Sunday — caused the flash, said Nicole Barker, spokeswoman for the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District. 

Passengers said they saw flames from above cars by the overhead wires.

Porter firefighters were dispatched about 10:40 p.m. and extinguished a fire involving one train car within about 20 minutes, Assistant Fire Chief Dan Branham said.

The train was about 150 yards from the station when the fire broke out, he said. 

Passengers initially reported not being able to open doors, but train crews had the doors open and half of the train evacuated by the time Branham arrived, he said. NICTD and Transit Police safely evacuated the rest of the passengers.

After the evacuation, the train was moved back to NICTD's maintenance facility to determine the cause and make repairs, Barker said.

Crews worked overnight to repair overhead wires at the Dune Park station, Barker said.

Passengers on Monday's first train — 102 — were bused from Michigan City to Ogden Dunes, and Train 104 was delayed 20 to 30 minutes. Minor delays were expected during the rest of the morning commute before operations returned to normal, Barker said. 

NICTD had not yet determined if weather may have caused Sunday night's equipment problem.

"We must examine the equipment before we can make a determination," Barker said.