Hoosier Lottery

Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah Taylor poses with the Hoosier Lotto mascot.

INDIANAPOLIS — Four lifelong friends who play Hoosier Lotto together claimed the Feb. 7 Hoosier Lotto jackpot, and they won on a free ticket from a Valparaiso gas station.

The group of four, who declined to be identified, claimed the estimated $7.7 million jackpot as 2018 Global Partners LLC. They described themselves as Hoosiers with blue collar backgrounds. Their Hoosier Lotto pool dates back 10 years, playing every Wednesday and Saturday.

A group member obtained the winning ticket at the BP gas station, 1501 N. Calumet Ave., in Valparaiso. That station also sold a lottery ticket worth $25.5 million in October.

This month's winning ticket matched all six numbers in the Feb. 7 drawing. The ticket was a free ticket redeemed from a previous drawing. Players who match two numbers in the Hoosier Lotto drawing win a free ticket.

“It’s pretty amazing to get one free ticket and actually win this amount of money,” one of the winners said.

One of the winners noticed early in the morning the day after the drawing that someone hit the Hoosier Lotto jackpot. The group member went to visit another group member, exchanging chit chat for a while before dropping the bomb that “by the way, we did win.”

2018 Global Partners LLC took the lump sum option, which was $4,016,322 before taxes. The group has some personal plans for the prize money, and also would like to do something charitable with the winnings.

The retailer, VGCS LLC, will receive a $100,000 bonus from Hoosier Lottery for selling the winning jackpot ticket.


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