HEBRON — Students will see some new teachers when school resumes Aug. 14, but one retiring teacher will be missed.

The Boone Township School Board and administrators bid farewell this week to retiring Hebron Elementary School music teacher Wanda Vawter, after 38 years of service.

“I’d worked with her for a short three years, and it’s been a pleasure to work with her,” Superintendent Nathan Kleefisch said. “We’re going to miss her very much.”

Elementary school Principal Jim Martin said Vawter went above and beyond her duties as music teacher at the schools.

“Everyone is going to have to step up a little to cover things that she’s done. We're really going to miss her,” Martin said.

New teachers include Emma Hamann, kindergarten; Kelsey Feese, elementary school music; Angie Milcarek, sixth-grade math; and Ashley Shell, a high school counselor covering another teacher’s leave.

At Tuesday's board meeting, Kleefisch asked the board to reverse its decision last month to sell the district’s Chromebooks to pay off the fourth and final year’s lease of the devices. Kleefisch had planned to use the proceeds of that sale to lease new devices for the 2017-2018 school year. However, demand for Chromebooks is so high that the company could no longer offer the buy-back deal and could not guarantee the district would receive the new Chromebooks by the beginning of the school year, Kleefisch said. The board rescinded its decision. The schools will use the Chromebooks for the last year of the lease, then enter into a new three-year lease agreement for Chromebooks for the 2018-2019 school year.

Kleefisch also reminded the board and administration that random drug testing for high school students who engage in extracurricular activities and those who drive to school will begin in August.

“This provides students with an excuse not to get involved with drugs or alcohol,” Kleefisch said. “It is meant to be a deterrent for kids when they know they might get randomly tested. We want to identify students who abuse substances and provide an opportunity for them to get help as opposed to looking the other way and hoping for the best. The intention is to provide help to students.”