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Porter Township School Corp.

Boone Grove Middle School

  • 2016-17 Grades: B
  • 2015-16 Grades: C

BOONE GROVE — No members of the public spoke during a public hearing Thursday evening on funding and project proposals for the planned Boone Grove elementary, middle school and high school renovations.

Matt Griffey, project development engineer for EMCOR, which will oversee the renovations, provided a brief overview of the $12 million project, which will include a general HVAC overhaul and complete revamp of mechanical systems.

“The goal is to bring everything up to current code,” Griffey said.

Proposed upgrades include the schools’ heating and cooling systems, cafeteria flooring, interior and exterior lighting, roofing, and the intercom, public address and phone systems.

At the Porter Township School Board meeting following the hearing, the Boone Grove Elementary School Math Bowl team challenged school board members to a round of math problems to showcase their skills.

“You can see how tough those questions can be and how hard they are working,” said Ed Ivanyo, Boone Grove elementary principal.

Board members found the math problems challenging.

“I think I’m going to need an online algebra lesson tomorrow,” Superintendent Stacey Schmidt said. “We are so proud of you and all your hard work. It is going to pay off for you. Keep loving math and working hard at this.”

In her superintendent’s report, Schmidt said the district has applied for an Indiana Department of Education grant to create a course involving computer science, coding, robotics and networking. Schmidt said plans are to allow the technical and teaching staff to collaborate on the project in a “combined teaching model” along with businesses to “make some real world connections.”

“It’s really exciting to see where this heads,” said Schmidt. “The grant will be nice if we get it, but we’ll make it happen regardless of the grant.”