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Seven Peaks Waterpark Duneland

A worker scrubs the walls in the wave pool in preparation of opening Seven Peaks Waterpark Duneland in May 2015.

PORTER — The Seven Peaks Waterpark did not address a lengthy list of problems in time to reopen before this past weekend's Labor Day holiday.

"They had so much to do," Porter County Health Department Administrator Keith Letta said. "It would have been virtually impossible."

He did not know if the outdoor park intended to reopen next summer.

The park, at the northeast corner of U.S. 20 and Waverly Road, was closed by the Health Department on June 28 after receiving 12 reports of visitors receiving chemical burns from chlorination of the water. There were two other reports of children breaking their collarbones on one of the rides.

Seven Peaks spokeswoman Jo Penney was unavailable Tuesday for comment.

She had been upbeat last month following a daylong inspection.

"It is looking pretty good," she said. "Things are very positive."

A multiagency inspection at the park July 19 revealed numerous large problems, Letta said at the time.

The problems included structural safety issues involving the tall slides at the park, he said.

Problems also were identified with the electronic system that monitors water quality with probes and then dispenses chemicals as needed, he said. The complaints of bathers being burned in the water are believed to have resulted when this automated system broke down and employees attempted to manually add the chemicals, he said.

Letta said Tuesday that a sewer line was discovered to be leaking into one of the pools.

"It was an old line," Letta said. "It was broken."

Letta said park officials kept delaying the completion of work and never came to him seeking an inspection with hopes of reopening during the summer season.

"It was kind of a mess from day one," he said. "They were never able to really accomplish a whole lot."

The Region's other water park, Deep River Waterpark on U.S. 30 in Lake County, was open all summer but is now closed for the year.


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