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CHESTERTON — Police and the Porter County Sheriff's Office said all parties involved in a social media post Sunday night threatening Chesterton High School are known and being interviewed.

Chesterton police, in a public notice on their Facebook page, said there is "no credible evidence that Chesterton High School or its students are in danger."

The Porter County Sheriff's Office, which is in charge of the investigation, said in a news release that the threat was made from an "alleged Facebook page of a current Chesterton High School student." Following a collaborative investigation between the sheriff's office, Chesterton police and the Duneland School Corporation and after speaking with the individuals involved, it is believed "one individual hacked into that individual's Facebook page after having shared a cell phone at one time," release said.

The two subjects attend CHS, and the release said it was important to note there are two individuals who attend the school with the exact same name with the subject who allegedly made the threat. The individual that is believed to have hacked into the Facebook page and made the statement has been taken to the hospital for an evaluation, the release said. All parents with children involved were cooperative throughout the investigation and are continuing to work with investigators.

The names of the subjects involved, who are juveniles, will not be released and no charges are pending at this time.

"While all information at this point in the investigation has (led) us to believe this is not a credible threat, rest assure it has been treated as such. While this investigation is not complete and will be ongoing with cell phone extractions and working with Facebook, we are confident we have located the sole subject responsible for posting the threat and are taking all steps necessary to see the investigation through," the release stated.

Duneland schools released a statement Sunday night saying that classes will be held as normally scheduled on Monday.

Normal protocol will be followed, including having school resource officers and school administrators present in the morning, the statement said. It also said that there will be an additional police presence at the school on Monday.

Chesterton police said in its Facebook post that they will release further information about the incident in the coming days and thanked residents who contacted them by phone or Facebook messenger about the incident.

"We will continue to work with Duneland School Administration to ensure that the students of the Duneland School Corporation (are) safe. We will have extra officers patrol the schools over the next few days," the notice states.


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