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Center for the Sciences: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Valparaiso University's new Center for the Sciences: Chemistry and Biochemistry is expected to open this fall.

VALPARAISO — The new Center for the Sciences: Chemistry and Biochemistry will house classes at Valparaiso University beginning this fall 2017, bringing 55,000 square feet of chemistry, biochemistry and biology laboratory space to the university’s 350-acre campus.

The building will be honored by NIPSCO for its energy efficiency.

Through NIPSCO’s Business Energy Efficiency Programs, businesses are eligible to receive monetary incentives for making energy-efficient upgrades to facilities. Valparaiso will receive a nearly $150,000 energy rebate as a result.

In total, the construction project saved 954,533 kilowatt hours and 80,681 therms. Just one therm is the equivalent energy output of burning roughly 100 cubic feet of natural gas. The project included LED lighting and an energy-efficient HVAC system.

At the core of the new facility is an interdisciplinary lab, where students will collaborate with each other and with faculty as they hone research skills. Part of a larger STEM Village, the Center for the Sciences reinforces Valpo’s commitment to STEM education and enhances opportunities for innovative teaching and advanced student-faculty research.

Valparaiso University has invested nearly $255 million in new construction and renovation projects during the past 15 years, employing contractors and construction workers in Northwest Indiana.

The $30 million Center for the Sciences: Chemistry and Biochemistry is highlighted by a glass installation commissioned by local artists at Hot Shop Valpo.

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