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CROWN POINT — As felony robbery charges mount against Dionysios T. Doukas, of Schererville, chances the 35-year-old will need a passport or get out of jail on bond anytime soon have become moot.

During a hearing Friday before Magistrate Natalie Bokota, Doukas’ defense attorney Ralph W. Staples Jr. and Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Michael Toth presented a series of motions that included the surrender of any additional passports the defendant may have. Bokota, who was substituting for Criminal Court Judge Salvador Vasquez, granted those motions.

When Bokota asked Staples whether he had brought Doukas’ U.S. passport to court, as Vasquez ordered last Monday, the attorney said he didn’t bring the passport he had obtained from his client’s family, but that it was locked up in his law office.

“The state appreciates that the passport is locked in his office. However, the state would like the court to take possession (of the passport),” Toth said. “Is there a second passport, a Greek passport?”

Toth said at the previous hearing Monday there were concerns Doukas would flee to Greece if released on bond.

Staples told Bokota he would check with Doukas’ family about any other passports issued to his client. The magistrate ordered that all passports be surrendered to the court at the omnibus hearing on Jan. 22 in Vasquez’s courtroom.

Staples also made a motion for a gag order, to which Toth responded, “To my knowledge, no one has issued a press release.”

Bokota OK’d the gag order, which prohibits attorneys and all parties to the criminal prosecution from talking to the media or the public about this case.

Another motion by Toth granted by Bokota is a no-contact order with the alleged victims of robberies with which Doukas initially was charged on Nov 21.

Doukas already has been charged with robbing a Subway restaurant on Nov. 15 near Lowell and leading police on a high-speed chase from Lake County to Porter County.

He now faces additional charges in connection with the Nov. 7 attempted robbery of Baums Natural Foods on Calumet Avenue and the Nov. 8 robbery of Jimmy John's on Ridge Road, both in Munster. Another new charge alleges he stole a man’s wallet and cellphone at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch in Hobart.

Bokota will preside at a hearing Monday in the Lake County Jail on these additional charges.

During Friday’s court appearance, Doukas sat passively at the defense table, shackled and dressed in gray and white jail attire. Staples told Bokota that his client had “a dust-up” with other inmates in Lake County Jail after his arrest and suffered an eye injury with a possible fractured eye socket.

Bokota said she had previously noticed Doukas’ eye was discolored.

The defense attorney asked the magistrate to order medical personnel to re-examine the injury and provide care, which she granted.