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BILL MASTERSON JR.: President needs to show America’s resolve
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BILL MASTERSON JR.: President needs to show America’s resolve


In this political season we have the Republicans saying if they were in charge the anti-American attacks in the Mideast would not be happening. That may or may not be true, but the one thing I know is that enough is enough!

On the anniversary of the horrific 9/11 tragedy the American flag was ripped down and the U.S. ambassador to Libya killed. This happened while we did nothing and as the U.S. Congress continued to consider whether the U.S. should continue to send billions upon billions to the very Middle East nations harboring those who seek to harm our nation and its representatives. What is wrong with this picture?

America is a place where we are allowed to exercise freedom of speech and freedom of religion. So the person who produced the anti-Muslim video has just as much right to do so as a Muslim producing an anti-American video.

A California man questioned by the FBI in connection with this video has gone into hiding.

Would it be OK for Christians in America to demonstrate, destroy property belonging to Muslims and kill them because they have insulted our God? No, just as it is not acceptable for Muslims to kill Americans.

There is a difference between tolerance and weakness. Tolerance is respecting and allowing the right of someone to burn our flag while deep down we want to punch them in the nose. Weakness is when they not only burn the flag but then burn your home, kill a fellow companion and you stand idly by doing nothing.

So many men and women have died to protect our lifestyle and the American way of life. Would they approve of the position we are in today?

So what does our president do now? Send in the Marines? I’m not sure that’s the right answer, but continuing to send billions of dollars to Middle East nations that condone anti-American activity is not the answer. After all, those billions going overseas could fund much-needed programs here or reduce our national debt.

The truth is that we are America and we have let ourselves get fat, lazy, weak and too afraid to offend others.

I don’t want to wait for another 9/11 to galvanize our nation. It was reported President Barack Obama called and spoke sternly to Libyan President Mohammed Morsi. So what did that do? The world knows we are all bark and no bite. We need to let the world know we will bite if provoked.

I don’t know who will be our president come January, but today it is Obama. I would ask him to put the bite and pride back in America. Strong words just don’t get it done.

Bill Masterson Jr. is publisher of The Times Media Company. Follow him on Twitter @nwi_BMasterson


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