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YOUNG VOICES: Blacks need to improve their own situation

YOUNG VOICES: Blacks need to improve their own situation

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No matter what happens, it always seems like the black community is stuck at the bottom being examined, judged and ridiculed. The black culture always seems to be in the same position it was in yesterday, the day before that and the day before that.

There should always be one important race, and that’s the human race, no matter if you are black, white, red or blue. However, the fact remains that unfortunately that’s not how society works. Racism still does very much exist, and the black culture is continuously overlooked and judged as a community.

On April 14, 234 teenage girls ages 12-17 were abducted from a boarding school in northeastern Nigeria. The girls were taken and planned to be sold as brides to Islamist militants for $12. After a few weeks, all the girls still weren’t bought home and what was once a huge deal was overlooked and everything went back to normal like nothing ever happened. Instead, the new topic of discussion was Donald Sterling, owner of the Clippers, making racist comments toward blacks to his girlfriend.

These girls were missing, and I think it's safe for me to say that because they were black no one continued to fight for them. No one made it a big deal. However, if they were white, I’m sure the story wouldn’t have died until the issue at hand was resolved. But what stole the headlines was a white man, a white billionaire who told his girlfriend that he didn’t want her to hang around African-Americans in public. Although the topic of discussion was still African-Americans, this seemed to be more important because a white man said it and it would cause a lot of controversy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 2, 20, 35, 50 or 80; we’re all apart of a reoccurring cycle. We’re all up for examination, and the question is will we fall into tradition and steal and kill, or will be go against the odds and make a name for ourselves?

The truth is every black child born in this nation already has a tag on his head saying he will fail. Every African-American child has something to prove. So, I ask you: Do you know what we can do to be noticed? What is the solution to our problem?

African-Americans, generation after generation, make it harder for the next generations to come. African-Americans are known only for making a fool of themselves on reality television and killing and stealing from each other. When will there ever come a time when African-Americans can be awarded and placed on the news for doing something good?

It’s sad to say that I blame no one but the African-American community for the current state we are in now. If we come together and decided that enough is enough, then we have as much potential as any other race in this nation. We can become business owners and entrepreneurs. We can own our own restaurants, newspapers, clothing stores, supermarkets, tablets, etc. There is nothing that we cannot do, but we have to decide to stand up and fight.

We have to say we want to be more than the history we’ve left behind us thousands of years ago because the truth is if we don’t come together soon and make a difference, we will always be enslaved.

Brytnie Jones, of Gary, is a freshman at Earlham College. The opinions are the writer's.


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