It's very difficult for a parent to lose a child to death, but it might be even more difficult to lose one to, well, no one knows.

In 1994, Katie Jelovcic, of Porter County, lost her son, Martin "Sonny" Jelovcic, at age 34.

Three years later, her daughter Margie, then 30, disappeared, last seen in the company of biker Randy "Mad" Yager, the leader of the Gary chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Yager was one of 17 Outlaws indicted in 1997 for, among other things, murder. He is the only one of the defendants who has never been caught.

Now the U.S. Marshals Service has opened a cold case file on the Yager-Jelovcic disappearance.

Yager met Margie at the Gary bar where she worked the night shift. He lived off 51st Avenue west of Broadway. She lived off 51st east of Broadway.

I never knew Margie, but I knew Yager, and he had a personality that could be by turns charming and intimidating, something that might have held an appeal for a young girl.

"What can I do?" asked Katie. "I cry and cry every day."

And there are those who profit off the misery of others.

"Recently I had a guy come to me and tell me he knew where Margie is, and that for $500 I could talk to her at 2 o'clock the next day," Katie said. "He asked me for $500, but all I had was $150. He took that, and I never saw him again."

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Needless to say, she never got the call from Margie.

"He just wanted me to try to bribe him. I never should have given him (anything)," Katie said.

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Katie used to hold out hope when her phone would ring shortly after her daughter vanished. The caller would not say anything but would hang up after a long silence.

She still holds out some hope, even though the phone calls have stopped.

A few years back, the U.S. Marshals Service and an officer of the Chicago Police Department came to Katie and asked if she had anything of Margie's that had not been touched since her disappearance.

"She had an accordion, and I let them take the fingerprints off that, but I didn't let them take the accordion."

Is Margie Jelovcic still alive? Is she a prisoner of Yager, or has she stayed with him voluntarily?

The Outlaws, one of the world's largest biker gangs, have chapters everywhere from Norway to Australia. Their "mother club" is in Chicago, where they were founded decades ago.

Older cold cases than this have been broken open. I just hope this one has a happy ending.