Porter County Animal Shelter

One of several cat rooms at the new Porter County Animal Shelter.

When our Region speaks with a unified voice, we all make progress.

Examples of this truth seem to abound lately, particularly in the highly productive Indiana legislative session — brimming with new economic development and infrastructure for our Region and state — we just experienced.

On a smaller but no less notable scale, the new Porter County animal shelter provides a similar example of success realized when government, volunteers and private interests choose to work together in common purpose.

The existing Porter County Animal Shelter on Indiana 2 long had been functionally obsolete and a topic of discussion but previous inaction.

Now the facility is being replaced with a new $3.5 million facility, set to open next week and funded in part on the back of a $1 million private donation.

The new building is 14,000 square feet, about 10,000 square feet larger than the old site. It's capacity has grown to house up to 120 dogs and 120 cats, as opposed to 50 dogs and 80 cats in the old facility.

This didn't happen on its own.

Dedicated public officials from both the Porter County Council and commissioners — and more importantly from both political parties — recognized a need and worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition.

Loyal shelter volunteers, shelter officials and private donors also played key roles.

This same spirit of cooperation bodes well for other needed government infrastructure projects in Porter County coming to fruition.

The Region should take note of the possibilities when we dare to identify common ground, and build upon it, with the unified cadence of swinging hammers and political will.


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