Worshippers walk down 7th Avenue Sunday, June 4, during the procession in honor of the synod.

Walking together: It's the meaning behind the Diocese of Gary's first-ever synod earlier this month.

The togetherness displayed by more than 2,000 Region Catholics — spanning multiple spectra of age, color and ethnicity — is an important lesson for us all, and on so many fronts.

Sometimes it become necessary in our society for like-minded people of good will and faith to reaffirm their dedication to common purpose.

Diocese of Gary Catholics did that in spades during a recent weekend, marching behind the leadership of Bishop Donald Hying and so many others in a quest to chart future courses for the Region's Catholic community.

The three-day event included more than 300 delegates meeting in prayer to discuss the local church's future.

It also included a public showing of unity, with Region Catholics of multiple parishes walking in processional through the streets of Gary.

In doing so, Catholics from Schererville, Crown Point, Lowell and other Region communities reaffirmed their faith and dedication, not just in the church, but also in its dedication to the beleaguered Steel City.

A Gary Pentecost Synod Mass, attended by more than 2,000 at the Genesis Center, celebrated what Hying dubbed "the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst."

The important symbolism of unity in thoughtful reflection shouldn't be lost on any citizen, regardless of faith or following.

Nor should the value of loyalty to a struggling community.

We thank Region Catholics for providing such a powerful example.


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