Karen Freeman-Wilson

Age: 50



Office sought: Gary Mayor

Political experience: Indiana Attorney General, Gary City Judge, CEO of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and the Executive Director of the National Drug Court Institute, director of Indiana Civil Rights Commission.

What prompted your decision to seek this office?: From bankruptcy and economic development to public health and safety, I greatly believe it is time to make a new history for Gary and its people. I strongly believe that the City of Gary needs an experienced, responsible and proven leader.

Top three goals:

1. Establish Department of Commerce to focus on economic development by the development of the airport, multimodal transportation, east and west lakefront areas and Broadway Corridor.

2. Place high emphasis on public safety through the development of the broken windows approach to law, Justice Roundtable, Citizens Safety Council. Also the implementation of an emergency preparedness plan.

3. Create transparent government through the use of televised government meetings, publication of decision-making through print and electronic media and the creation of an open-door policy (weekly citizen meeting times and monthly neighborhood meetings)

Why should voters choose you?: I have a proven, respected track record locally and nationally. As an accomplished attorney, judge, attorney general, I am the best choice for mayor of Gary.

What specific steps will you take to help your community cope with declining tax revenues?: Create a system to minimize the delinquency in both residential and commercial property tax payments. Focus on economic development and innovative strategies to reduce debt and increase revenue to the city.

What else would you like to tell us?: It will take the efforts of the entire community to rebuild the city. I value strongly the input from the residents that I will serve as mayor and take much consideration in their involvement in creating a greater Gary.