Fair's political booths: Ah, there's the rub

Fair's political booths: Ah, there's the rub


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP | This is the seventh of the Porter County Fair's "11 Best Days of Summer," and do you know where your cholesterol count is?

After it appeared I might not be able to get a Swiss fried cheese in rye on the first day at the fair (speaking of cholesterol), I was still suffering psychically the next day. So, I stopped at one of the massage therapy booths hoping for a demonstration rub that would relieve my inner angst.

The young ladies said they were only too happy to help me. How long did I want to go? This sounded great because the pain in my aching angst went pretty deep, so I was ready to be massaged until the cows came home, and they had my permission to stay out past curfew.

The ladies said it would be $1 a minute. Whoa! I think I just heard the cows enter the barn. I sometimes forget most of the booths are for making money, not giving away freebies. The best place for freebies is probably the religious or the political booths, and it's often hard to tell the difference.

I usually cruise by the Republican and Democratic booths with a casual glance to see which officeholders/candidates drew the short straw and have to greet the rabble. Writing about them seemed to have a little of that "coals to Newcastle" aura. Most of them appear in the paper regularly, in meeting coverage, commenting on issues or the police blotter.

For those who say the two parties are alike, I have two words for you: You're right. Maybe that's 2 1/2 words. Whatever, both had pretty much the same handouts of state maps and other material, both were signing up poll workers and registering voters, both had fliers from a handful of fall candidates and both had candy dishes.

Sounds like both were being pretty fiscally conservative so far. The biggest difference was the Democrats had a guy trying to sign up people for a Democratic Club at Ivy Tech. He wasn't having much luck during the first couple of days, possibly because everyone who was eligible was home studying for a test of something.

County Councilwoman Sylvia Graham, a Democrat, said lots of people were signing up to be poll workers. She thought it might be because of the economy. We don't need more factories to create jobs and pull us out of the recession. We just need to hold more elections.

I picked up a flier at Richard Mourdock's booth. He's running against U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar, who's been in office since the Cleveland administration. The entire flier touted Mourdock as the bigger gun rights candidate despite the fact he's running against a guy whose name sounds like the name of a gun.

I think I just got another pain in my psyche.

The opinions are those of the writer. He can be reached checking the Elephant Encounter animals for any missing, and very tasty, ears at phil.wieland@nwi.com or (219) 548-4352.


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