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Two pilots have walked away with minor injuries after a Boeing 737 jet converted for firefighting crashed in Australia. The twin-engine tanker crashed in Fitzgerald River National Park in southern Western Australia state while fighting wildfires late Monday. An Emergency Services official says it was miraculous that both pilots received only minor injuries even though the plane became engulfed in flames and smoke upon impact. The pilots are believed to be Canadian citizens. They were released from a hospital on Tuesday. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau says the crash was the first serious accident involving a Boeing 737 in Australia.

Crews in Ohio have released toxic chemicals from five cars of a derailed train near the Pennsylvania state line to reduce the threat of an explosion. Flames and black smoke billowed high into the sky from the derailment site. Norfolk Southern Railway confirmed Monday evening that the cars were draining and that burning was underway as planned. Authorities were monitoring the air quality to make sure that toxic fumes weren't spreading. Ohio's governor earlier ordered residents near the site to evacuate because of the risk of death or serious injury. Officials believe most have left. Pennsylvania's governor said residents of that state near the derailment site also had left but he urged people within a 2-mile radius to keep their doors and windows closed as a precaution.


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