Pain management comes in many forms.

Elite Chiropractic & Sports Care in Munster is just one of them. 

Operated by Dr. Randy Rosenthal, Elite works to take the kinks out of access to quality care.

Chiropractic techniques have been used to relieve patients’ pain and improve quality of life for thousands of years. According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractors treat an estimated 27 million Americans per year. And they treat all conditions of the body.

“The spinal cord is the electrical circuit of the body," Rosenthal says. "When a segment of the spine is compressing a nerve, it can affect things like a person’s stomach, intestines, and motor function. And, when a patient complains of neck-related issues, a majority of times (that patient) has shoulder problems. This is why I perform a thorough exam to rule out other areas of the body.”

Rosenthal tailors treatments to each patient, which takes time. “One visit to the chiropractor would be like a cardiologist giving a patient one pill only for an ongoing heart issue.”

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That's one reason Elite also tailors payment plans. It's not uncommon for chiropractic treatment to require weekly visits for a year. 

“I am seeing more patients come into my office with large deductibles, high co-pays and coinsurances,” Rosenthal says. “On top of that, their insurance providers cover only a small amount of visits, perhaps as few as 12 for the entire year. 

“Chiropractic care correlates with dentistry in that it’s dealing with degeneration. Like teeth, the spine degenerates over time. We’re trying to slow the process down and prevent it from getting worse.”

Elite Chiropractic offers discounted wellness plans for patients to ensure access to needed care. “Our wellness plans are discounted since we are giving the patients complimentary visits. So, since they are paying for 31 visits, they receive 21 complimentary visits, which make the plans affordable.”

The goal is to help the patient mobility, elasticity and disc height, to keep the patient’s overall quality of life at 100 percent.

And, at a time when medical costs associated with treatment of back pain, which typically includes surgery and prescription medication, are often staggering, chiropractic offers a nonaddictive option, Rosenthal says.