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 She was just a little girl when she actually realized what her father did for a living. She was sitting in the living room of her childhood home, listening as her father would practice his opening statement for a trial he had coming up. Every once in a while, he would take his eyes off of his tattered piece of notebook paper and stare directly into the eyes of his daughter.

And in that glance and in that moment, there was a connection that would bind them personally, and eventually professionally.

Now a partner at Tauber Law Offices alongside her father, Rhett Tauber, and brother, Jared Tauber, that little girl is now known as attorney at law Tara Tauber. The three have now joined years of experience, and are known throughout Northwest Indiana for their work in family/juvenile law, personal injury, litigation, school law, estate planning, probate and real estate. Since coming together under the Tauber Law Offices umbrella, the three say they consider the past months as some of their favorite times as practicing attorneys.

With seven years separating the brother-sister legal team, Tara admits taking on the "motherly role" to Jared, who would spend day and night watching legal shows such as "L.A. Law" and looking to his father for career advice. “I remember asking him when I was in the third grade if he could give me advice about how to become a lawyer,” laughs Jared, who currently serves as the prosecutor for the town of Highland and serves as counsel for the Highland Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

Of course, Tara’s path to a legal career took a few more twists and turns, as she considered a career in education initially. “As a teacher, I found it very frustrating in certain situations with my students where my hands were tied in terms of helping them,” says Tara, who graduated in 1993 from Highland High School and graduated magna cum laude from Valparaiso University with a degree in elementary education. “After six years of teaching, I gave into my desire to practice law and received my law degree from Valparaiso University School of Law in 2006.”

These days, the field of adoption lies within the heart of Tara, who has quickly become one of the region's experts on the adoption process and the unique individual circumstances that can come up with her clients. “One of Tara’s greatest accomplishments was the adoption of her beautiful daughter,” gushes her father Rhett Tauber. “Given her own personal struggles in becoming a mother, it is no surprise that Tara would use her own happiness as a springboard to helping others who have difficulty conceiving a child.”

“Tara can get along with just about anyone,” chuckles her husband Doug Shaw, an attorney at Robert A. Plantz & Associates. “Whether blue collar or white collar or no collar, she just instinctively knows how to handle a wide range of people.”

Besides spreading the news of their family owned law firm, the three say they also recognize the need and their inner desire to get their name out in front of the community. In this effort, Tara serves as a pro bono attorney for the Haven House in Hammond as well as the adoption attorney for Catholic Charities. Jared often volunteers his time as a judge pro tem for local Superior Court Judge Jeffery Dywan, along with volunteering every year at Valparaiso School of Law in judging oral arguments for first-year law students.

“What we do is a passion, and we work every day to improve our future and the future of our families," says Jared, who spends much of his free time playing sports and playing in several recreational men’s leagues throughout the area.

With the love of family providing for a strong foundation for both of them, Tara and Jared say they look forward to what the future holds for them and the law firm. “When we were young, we watched our father work very hard, but he also found the time to attend all of our sporting events,” says Tara, who serves as a member of the American Bar Association, the Indiana State Bar Association and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. “It might be what we admired most.”

These days, all they need to do is look into the eyes of their father once again to see the spark Tara first saw in the living room of their childhood home. Except this time, it can also be seen far outside of the courtroom, when the grandkids all come over to see him. “There have been five grandkids born in the last two years,” says Tara. “It’s just priceless to see them all together. Those are the moments that truly matter the most.”