Hair and makeup tips for an all-natural summertime look

Stylist Lauren Campbell of Elle Salon wears a natural look for summer.

When the weather is hot and humid, women are not exactly enthusiastic about spending lots of time on their makeup if it's just going to melt off, or on their hair if it'll turn into a lion's mane by lunchtime.

There are ways, however, to look your best while still enjoying the heat of summer. Kate Lawson from Elle Salon offers easy tips to create an all-natural, beach-bronzed look for the season.

Fresh Summer Makeup

1. Start with a clean face and use a makeup sponge to apply tinted moisturizer with SPF 15.

2. To minimize undereye circles, apply concealer and blend into skin with a concealer brush.

3. Use a light eye shadow (we like Aveda’s Petal Essence Eye Definer in Cacao) along the top lash line to make eyes pop.

4. Using a fluffy brush, in large circular motions, apply a light loose powder to help hold makeup in place and eliminate shine.

5. Using a Kabuki brush, sweep a bronzer across the high points of the face where the sun would naturally touch.

6. Apply mascara along the top lash line to lengthen and darken lashes.

7. Finish with a light lip color (try Aveda Uruku Lip Pigment in Luna) for a fresh clean look.

The Classic Low Ponytail

1) Apply dry shampoo at the scalp and comb through hair.

2) Spray hairspray throughout.

3) Brush hair back with a soft brush and gather in the back toward your hairline.

4) Secure using a rubber band.

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