I am sure you fine folks have heard about the new Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the most recent gaming systems to hit the market. (According to a recent study by the Entertainment Software Association, 37 is the average age of a game player and 41 is the average age of a game buyer.) But t…

Waking up early one Christmas morning and seeing a Nintendo Gameboy is one of the the most clear memories from my youth. It was freeing to know I no longer had to sit, legs crossed, in front of our family's Zenith TV to play Super Mario Brothers. I could play on the bus, the couch and even i…

I will start with a confession, since this column will cover which maker pumps out the best laptop: this column is being written on a MacBook Air, in a room overlooking too many people driving far too fast. For me, it’s perfect. But the truth is, the best laptop depends on how you are going …

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