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Earles Architects and Associates Principal Dan Earles sees greens, blues and neutrals as the hottest colors in current office furniture design.

“We’re seeing a lot of greens and blues as well as neutrals right now,” Earles says. “Monochromatic designs, where you take one color and then use various hues of that color, also are popular. Geometric shapes also have become popular in carpeting and other accessories. You might pull out a color from a geometric floor covering and then use it in your furniture, for example.”

Earles says interior design should include a mix of colors and materials that create a comfortable flow through the space.

“They also should reflect the business owner or employees’ tastes and business style,” Earles says. “There should be an efficiency to the space plan and it should be cohesive and well-designed. This requires a careful eye for space planning, colors, accessories, and all the finishing touches, such as lighting, art work and paint colors.

Earles says pulling together an office space is truly an art.

“And it all starts with listening to the client and being on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the industry,” Earles says.

Founded in Chicago in 1991 and recently having opened a second office in Schererville in the Crossings of Schererville complex at the intersection of U.S. 30 and Rt. 41, EAA has expanded its business to provide furniture, organizational and moving solutions to its clients.

“We are looking to expand our presence in Northwest Indiana and continue to offer the same good quality service that we have built our reputation on,” Earles says. “Due to demand from the marketplace, EAA has established two businesses that tie into our architectural design and space planning services.”

One is SEAATS, Earles says, which is a customized furniture solutions company that provides clients with commercial office furniture from a wide variety of manufacturers. The second DEAATAILS, Earles says, is a professional organizing and move coordination business designed to make offices more efficient and assist in the moving and set up of an office.”

Earles says DEAATAILS also serves residential clients to help them organize their homes and lives, thus reducing stress levels and creating space that is functional and well-coordinated.

DEAATAILS offers services nationwide, Earles says, while SEAATS focuses on the Indiana and Chicago markets. Both are available through EAA’s Chicago and Schererville offices by calling (312) 491-9840

DEAATAILS is set apart from other similar services, Earles says, as it was created after years of client communication and feedback.

“Our psychological sensitivity, years of experience, and our process of talking clients through the organization process sets DEAATAILS apart,” Earles says. “We also work alongside our clients in the process from functionality through design concepts.”

Earles says the offshoot companies were created to help clients, productivity.

“We saw a need for offering clients the opportunity to increase productivity and work flow functionality within the architectural design concept,” Earles says.

“DEAATAILS marries the two most important elements of interior design. By adding SEAATS, we are offering businesses a cost effective way to update their office space with top of the line furnishings.”

Earles says DEAATAILS focus is on helping busy people enhance their lifestyle, family time, homes and office space.

“We help by removing the stuff that leads to their feelings of being overwhelmed,” Earles says. “We enhance the flow and function of their space, tailoring each project to the client’s needs. We want to bring peace, calm, energy and understanding where there was chaos, clutter and negativity.”

Earles says DEAATAILS will handle all aspects of moving, so that clients can keep their businesses as functional as possible during the stress of their move.

“We are looking to expand our presence in Northwest Indiana and continue to offer the same good quality service that we have built our reputation on,” Earles says.