Crafts let everyone participate in the Thanksgiving day table

Crafts let everyone participate in the Thanksgiving day table


Thanksgiving is traditionally the time of year to gather family around the dinner table and give thanks.

However, the weeks leading up to the holiday is a great time to gather children and plan the perfect fall decorations to adorn the table and welcome guests.

Here are some Thanksgiving crafts your family can construct together that will be the highlight of the day - next to the turkey, of course.

Pine cone turkey centerpiece


Circle edge punch, such as one by Martha Stewart

Large pine cone

Card stock in at least 3 colors

1 piece of card stock with a patterned design for the base

White paper for eyes

Black marker

Glue gun

Piece of red ribbon


Cut 3 circles out of card stock and punch the edges with your circle edge punch or other design.

Cut a rectangle shape out of card stock for the base. Choose a piece that has a pretty pattern or fall color.

Cut 2 wedges out of the white paper for the eyes, and draw black circles with markers.

Cut a small beak out of one of the card stock pieces.

Trim a small piece of red ribbon for the wattle.

Cut 2 wedges for the feet out of one of the card stock pieces.

Assemble all the pieces by gluing them to the pine cone with a glue gun.


Gourd turkey centerpiece


Big squash




Fruit candies




Cut off the smaller end of the gourd to use as the turkey's head. Using a skewer or toothpick, attach it to one end of the squash, which serves as the body.

Attach to the turkey's head the cloves as eyes and an end of a carrot as the nose. Toothpicks can be used to attach these as well, inserting one end into the gourd and one end into the carrot and cloves.

Place fruit candies on the skewers, alternating colors, for the feathers. Stick the ends of the skewers into the opposite side of the gourd.


Pilgrim hat place cards


Black plastic cup

Yellow and black construction paper

Gold or other metallic pen

Glue stick or glue gun


Cut a strip of black construction paper about 1-inch thick that is long enough to be wrapped around the widest part of the plastic cup.

Out of the yellow construction paper, cut a square that will serve as the belt buckle about 2 inches high and wide. Draw a black box in the middle of the yellow square or cut out another square within the yellow square.

Turn the black plastic cup upside down and, using a glue gun or glue stick, wrap the black strip of construction paper around the rim and secure it. Add the yellow belt buckle.

Cut a circle shape out of another piece of black construction paper, about 1 to 2 inches wider than the cup. This will serve as the pilgrim hat's brim. Using glue, secure it to the bottom of the cup.

Using the metallic pen, write the name of one of the guests.


Thanksgiving napkin rings


White cardstock (cut in 2-by-5-inch strips)

Fall colored tissue paper (cut in 2-by-2-inch squares)

School glue

Hot glue gun with glue sticks


Begin by covering one of the 2-by-5-inch strips of cardstock with school glue. Crumple up a square of tissue paper and glue onto the strip. Continue until you fill the whole strip, just leaving a small blank space at the end for gluing later. Alternate colors for different looks.

When the glue has dried, curve each strip into a circle and hot glue the ends together.

Place the napkin through the ring.


Thanksgiving Turkey Tablecloth


Twin size white sheet

Indian corn

Yellow, brown, green, orange, blue and red paint

Cookie sheet

Wax paper

Paper plate

Paint brushes


Start by laying the white twin sheet out on the floor.

Lay wax paper on the cookie sheet and pour yellow paint on top. Roll the corn in the paint and then roll the corn down the sides and center of the sheet.

When the yellow paint is dry, lay the sheet flat on a table.

Prepare the brown, green, orange, blue and red paint on a paper plate.

Paint the palm and thumb of a child's hand brown, and one finger green, one orange, one blue and one red for the feather colors.

Make handprints down the yellow painted center of the sheet.

After the turkeys are stamped on the center of the tablecloth, add little brown legs and a red wattle to each one using leftover paint and a paint brush.



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