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When you’re a youngster, Halloween is about three things: costumes, getting Scared and candy. But we know candy is the most important of all. For those who aren’t so young anymore, discussion of Halloween candy can bring back wonderful memories. We asked some adults in the Region about what their favorite Halloween candy was back when they used to hit the neighborhood to trick-or-treat.

Maureen Fisher-Alongi, St. John

“Gum. Way back when and still! I chew it all the time. So refreshing. Back then, my mom wouldn’t let us have gum (there was no sugar free), so it was such a treat at Halloween.”

Marlene Cook, Lansing

“Always had fun with the wax lips — big, bright, red ones.”

Aimee Mikrut, Highland

“My favorite was always the fun-size Twizzlers because you could peel them apart and they were just the right size.”

Tom Bettenhausen, Crown Point

“I was a very fortunate child growing up in the early '70s. My great-grandmother owned a penny candy store in Tinley Park. You name it, I had it! At Halloween, I still looked forward to all the candy one would expect at Halloween, but I always looked forward to Brach’s candy corn and Mellowcreme pumpkins. The other items we hoped for were candy buttons on the paper, candy cigarettes, a candy necklace and popcorn balls. Of course, you would always network with the other neighborhood kids to find out which house was giving away the best or biggest item.”

Kelly Read, Dyer

“My favorite candy from Halloween were those things everyone else thought were gross that came in black and orange wrappers and were like a butterscotch taffy. I used to trade with my siblings for those and every one of my friends thought I was gross for it. I looked forward to them and haven’t had them in years.”

Pricilla McCarty, Whiting

“Dr. Humphrey from Standard Oil used to pass out quarter-pound Baby Ruth candy bars. In the late '50s and '60s, that was a real treat. You never saw those in the store. He made you come in so you weren’t coming more than once.”

Karen Maravillla, Hammond

“My favorite candy as a child was Sno-Caps. My parents had eight children and they didn’t give us candy all the time, so it was great when we did get it. I remember going trick-or-treating and wondering if i would receive my favorite. I liked the look of the candy. It looked like an ice mountain. I also liked that they were small pieces, so I could savor them and make them last.”

Marisa Winslow, Dyer

“My favorites were Snickers and Reese cups and I have fond memories of a Halloween party at my aunt’s house and having my favorite candies given to me. I ate them little by little, in small pieces so I could taste the flavors individually. I also loved coconut long boys.”