As kids begin to pick out their Halloween costumes, parents are buying candy for trick-or-treaters and planning the most fun celebration of the year.

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, planning games beyond bobbing for apples can be a challenge.

Here are a few ideas that both kids and adults can enjoy during this spooky time of year.

Scavenger hunt

Rebecca Brown always has loved scavenger hunts, which is why eight years ago she founded the site

Though just a hobby, the site has grown to include scavenger hunts perfect for all seasons, including Halloween.

“I still continue to maintain the site as a resource for folks looking for engaging, interactive activities to do with children, youth and adults,” Brown said.

Halloween is the perfect time of year for a scavenger hunt since participants are likely to engage the neighborhood, such as by trick-or-treating, she said.

Carnival games

Every kids enjoys a carnival, and these games bring the carnival home.

Similar to the balloon dart game, try blowing up orange balloons and hanging them on a board using a thumbtack. Clear partygoers from nearby, and allow youth to throw a dart toward the board. Inside the balloons before blowing them, up, write on a piece of paper a prize the person wins if the balloon is popped.

Instead of a bottle ring toss, try a witches ring toss. Rather than place glass bottles on the ground, set small witch hats on the floor and allow kids to toss rings over them. You can even make each hat a different color or use colored ribbons to differentiate the hats by prize value.

Halloween mystery box

A classic addition to any Halloween party, a Halloween mystery party game has players reach into a dark box to feel items like fingers and eyeballs, but guess which everyday items actually are hiding inside.

All you need is a container to put each gross item in, such as a tissue box, cereal box, shoe box or old Tupperware. Cut a hole in each box big enough for a hand to reach into, but so that you can’t see inside the box. You can even make them spooky by painting them black or covering them with a sheet.

Need ideas for the contents? Suggest dried apricots as ears, peeled grapes as eyeballs, baby carrots as toes, popcorn kernels for teeth, a peeled tomato as a heart, cooked noodles as intestines, slivered almonds as fingernails or the end of a pickle as a nose.

Lab creations

Instead of a traditional game, party participants or a group of kids hanging out at the house for the weekend can participate in an activity like “Doctor Dreadful’s Zombie Lab.” Found online and in major retailers, this project allows kids to make more than 40 gross candy treats, from eating bubbling brains to zombie skins.

The Pour Taste game, also found in major retailers, works the same way, allowing kids to make their own spooky concoctions such as “Beetle Juice” and “Vampire Blood.” As part of the game, players pick their liquid ingredients, spin the spinner and the game tells which ingredients to mix up, with the player deciding if she wants to drink up or pass.