The importance of a poll worker’s role cannot be overstated. This job is vital to the voting process and essential to the well-being of our democracy.

Ultimately, poll workers are charged with monitoring the polling place and the election process. Poll workers are often the only election officials with whom voters interact, so they play an important role in how voters experience and think about the voting process.

Last year, our poll workers were not provided the tools and support they needed to succeed. The poll workers didn’t fail; their leadership did.

Since I took office on Jan. 1, with the support of the Board of Commissioners and County Council, we have been working diligently to implement significant changes, including more accessible and comprehensive poll worker training, increased compensation for poll workers and the purchase of new election equipment that will reduce the risk of error at the polls. But these changes are for naught unless we can recruit an army of poll workers for Election Day on May 7.

We know that Porter County is blessed to have thousands and thousands of citizens who generously give their time to support our schools, nonprofits and other civic causes. We know you are invested in, and committed to, serving your community. We know that you understand the importance of our democracy and public trust in our election process.

We know we need you.

Please join with us to restore the integrity of our election process by becoming a poll worker. We know we are asking for a significant time commitment from you. We also know you are up to the challenge. Apply today and be a part of the positive change.

On our website, you can find information about becoming a poll worker, the necessary qualifications, roles and responsibilities, compensation and training. We’ve also made it very easy for you to apply online now. You can visit our website now at this link: https://www.porterco.org/pollworker

We hope to hear from you soon.

Jessica Bailey is clerk of the circuit and superior courts in Porter County. The opinions are the writer's.


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