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So many of our citizens are losing their homes, going hungry or can't get the help they need. Many die waiting on Social Security. It's a scandal in itself when citizens are turned away when they actually qualify. This is what's causing the one- to two-year wait as Social Security ties up the court system.

Many of our disabled are then forced to see a law judge who works for Social Security. Many of these judges don't live in reality as they deny claims even though many of the people who come before them can't hold employment because they will be let go.

If Social Security wants to deny a majority of applicants, then they should be forced to find people gainful employment. If you get migraines and have to lie down, or miss days or take unscheduled breaks, you will be fired. Social Security will lie to you and tell you you're employable. I had a judge tell me if I miss more than one day in a month I would be terminated, then had my claim denied. After being a productive citizen for 15 years, in which the took taxes out of my check on time every week, they make you fight to get back what you paid in.

A majority of these legal briefs are riddled with errors, so when the appeals team gets the appeal they don't know the whole story. You probably know someone whose life was ruined waiting on Social Security. A judge in Maryland came out and stated that the Social Security Administration is pushing for them to deny claims. So when a congressional request is put in, a Social Security judge denies your claim.

Social Security judges are no more than a puppet on a string working for a failed agency. That's like having a fox watching the chicken coop. I don't know why the chickens are disappearing.

Judges can pick and choose who they approve with bias as nothing is done. A majority of these cases taken to the higher courts that aren't attached to Social Security are being overturned or remanded. This should tell you the true story.

Even a majority of our disabled veterans that are 100 percent disabled are being turned away. If the disabled could hold gainful employment, they would rather work than wait on a government that has failed them.

James Yakym is a veteran from Mishawaka. The opinions are the writer's.


Senior Reporter

Senior reporter Doug Ross, an award-winning writer, has been covering Northwest Indiana for more than 35 years, including more than a quarter of a century at The Times.