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    Over the last several years, there has been great turmoil over education decisions made by Indiana government. Legislative policies have led to a crisis in school funding, diversion of public tax dollars away from public schools, special test exemption rules for private schools, teacher blam…

      It has been proclaimed by at least one Indiana State Board of Education member that the board should not be in the school takeover business. If that means public schools being taken over by for-profit education organizations, I couldn't agree more.

        July was a blitz of guest commentaries from the governor’s State Board of Education and his “shadow department of education” (known as the Center for Education and Career Innovation) appointees to influence the public that Glenda Ritz is the problem and not them.

        Derek Redelman of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce recently claimed school counselors aren’t meeting student needs regarding preparation for college and careers. His source of information is a survey conducted by the chamber regarding how much time school counselors spend on various school duties.

        How many parents would be comfortable having a relatively unknown, untrained and untested adult, with no previous teaching experience of any kind, take over their child’s classroom and even run their school and school system? I’m guessing not many. But this is exactly what Indiana is prepari…

        As the 2014 legislative session comes to a close, legislative trends and efforts are clearly earmarked by examples of discrimination, favoritism for religious interests and increased profit making for businesses and investors at the expense of public education. Here are some questions about …


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