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Royce Campbell had a breast cancer scare before getting a biopsy using a new technology

Royce Campbell, left, has the Brevera biopsy system to thank for diagnosing that she did not have cancer. With her are registered nurse Joy Bachar and radiologic technician Denise Bogs, right.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month began two weeks ago, we enumerated the quantity of specialized care available in Northwest Indiana.

In particular, we noted how fortunate our Region is to have a plethora of first-class breast cancer care options, with no less than 25 facilities collectively operated by Community Healthcare System, Franciscan Health, Porter Health Care System and Methodist Hospitals in our three-county area.

In a front-page article Friday, Times health reporter Giles Bruce provided another important reminder that life-saving cancer care thrives in our Region.

Bruce’s report reminds us it’s not always about treatment. Sometimes our best technological assets are ones that quickly put patients’ worries at ease.

Earlier this year, Royce Campbell, 55, of Highland, received the jarring news of an abnormality in her mammogram results.

A new technology available through Community Hospital Women's Diagnostic Center quickly took away the worry.

A process known as the Brevera biopsy — which removes breast tissue, readies it for the lab and shoots real-time imaging of the affected area, all at once — quickly showed her abnormality was not cancerous.

The technology lowers the time of such testing procedures by as much as 25 percent, according to Munster-based Community Hospital.

It means faster treatment delivery for patients who test positive for cancer and a shorter path to a clear mind for those who test negative.

"The sooner we get the results, the sooner our patients get to treatment," said Dr. Mary Nicholson, director of breast imaging services for Community Healthcare System. "Everything we do is designed to decrease waiting and decrease anxiety."

The investment by Community in such technology stands as one more example of the many reasons why Region residents don't need to travel to Chicago or Indianapolis for cutting-edge treatment.



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