Jeremy Yancey

2nd District candidate Jeremy Yancey.

When magnets for scandal refuse to go quietly into the night, others must usher them out the door.

Such is the case with at least one candidate who has declared her candidacy to replace Lake County Councilwoman Elsie Franklin, who died last month.

A caucus of Democratic precinct committee members is scheduled to vote June 10 on a replacement for Franklin.

When they convene for the vote at the Calumet Township trustee’s multipurpose center in Gary, they should be ready to turn their backs on one of the candidates.

Party insider Carol Ann Seaton, the Democratic precinct captain in Gary’s 5th District, has thrown her hat into the ring.

Seaton is best known for a scandal that should have the other precinct members running in any direction but hers.

A 2010 scandal over her residency status and illegitimate property tax exemptions plagued her run for Lake County assessor that year. The scandal led to her status as the first Democrat to lose a countywide election in a half-century.

In a recent letter to precinct committee members, Seaton touted her “proven track record of service to the community, the Democratic Party and to the precinct organization.”

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She left out her election-costing scandals that should give all taxpayers pause.

The good news is precinct members have two other solid candidates from which to choose.

The Times Editorial Board doesn't normally endorse for caucus elections, but Darren Washington holds the most promise for taxpayers.

Currently the Calumet Township Board president, Washington has sparred with the wasteful practices of elected Township Trustee Kimberly Robinson and has tried to extend an olive branch to Griffith, which seeks to secede from the waste and corruption that Washington has tried to put in check.

Another candidate is Jeremy Yancey, who lost to incumbent Franklin in the Democratic primary last year.

We endorsed Yancey in that race as a fresh perspective and welcome change to Franklin's frequent absenteeism as a councilwoman — because of health issues — in recent years.

Yancey still holds promise, but Washington is the stronger candidate.

Two viable choices in the caucus should help the precinct members usher Seaton from the race.



Members of The Times Editorial Board are Publisher Christopher T. White, Editor Marc Chase, Deputy Editor Kerry Erickson, Assistant Local News Editor Crista Zivanovic and Regional News Editor Sharon Ross.