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Calumet Township trustee's office

This FBI evidence truck, with a billboard-sized logo, was parked outside of the Calumet Township trustee’s office in 2014 as agents searched the local government office in Gary. The office was then controlled by now criminally convictged Trustee Mary Elgin.

Get out of the way.

It's the most direct guidance we have for any government leader or entity bent on further stalling Griffith's efforts to secede from Calumet Township.

The Indiana Court of Appeals has ruled against efforts by Calumet Township Trustee Kimberly Robinson to stymie the town's secession efforts.

The town continues to pay $2 million or more per year to the township for a paltry $15,000 in actual services returned to its residents.

Unscrupulous decisions by township leaders continue to undermine the public trust.

And an Indiana law, on the books since 2012, allows any municipality to secede from a township with a poor-relief tax rate more than 12 times the state average.

Calumet Township's rate is 17.9 times over the limit on the conservative side and 29.7 times over the limit from the town's estimate.

It's time for Robinson to drop any further appeals to the Indiana Supreme Court and let Griffith go.

Griffith Town Council members announced this week they plan to seek a referendum vote this summer to secede.

That referendum requires approval from the Lake County elections board.

The board should approve it unanimously and allow a legitimate state law to run its course.

Griffith residents have watched their taxpayer contributions to the township evaporate under past unscrupulous elected trustees, including Mary Elgin, who faces sentencing next week after pleading guilty to shaking down government employees for campaign contributions, and Dozier Allen, who was convicted of pilfering federal grant money for an office overseeing emergency poor relief.

In 2016, Robinson took a tropical junket, along with her chief deputy, to Aruba on the backs of her taxpayers, who happen to be some of the most impoverished in the state.

Feelings of disgust should abound in residents throughout the township, which includes Gary and Griffith.

Griffith has a clear legislative path to exiting this mess.

All possible involved parties should work to clear that path — or get out of the way.


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