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Portage City Hall

Portage City Hall is pictured. 

Parents should never have to worry about their children's safety during the school day.

Portage police and Portage Township Schools just partnered on a new camera initiative in a way that should make parents living within the school district feel more secure regarding their children's well-being.

Technical work recently wrapped on a project that will allow officers to monitor live activity on police laptops or in a mobile command center via existing security cameras in the Portage schools.

It's an innovative tool enhancing security at the high school, both middle schools and all eight elementary schools within the district.

Kudos to the Portage police for acting on this opportunity.

"We knew they've had cameras, so we reached out to them," police Chief Troy Williams said. "We put our IT people together to make it happen."

In instances of public safety concerns inside or outside the schools, police can flip a switch to enable viewing of live security camera footage.

Other Region police and school districts can learn from this type of innovative partnership.


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