The current plan for the Brooks at Vale Park includes 287 homes and detention ponds to help slow down erosion along Beauty Creek.

When a city can grow its tax base and fix longstanding flooding and transportation challenges in one fell swoop, people should take notice.

Such appears to be the case with a proposed subdivision on Valparaiso's west end.

The plan deserves careful consideration by the Valparaiso City Council for the apparent benefits it offers.

The proposal, delivered to the council Monday, would rezone 200 acres of former farmland south of Ransom Road and northwest of Valparaiso High School.

The $9.7 million development would increase the city's housing stock, and therefore its tax base, by 287 new homes, including small and large single-family homes, townhomes and triplexes.

The city would be on the hook for $6.8 million of the price tag, but in the end it would appear to be a bargain, given what sharing costs with a developer will fix for the rest of Valparaiso.

Retention ponds added to the development would help slow water flow that has caused flooding in other residential areas downstream on Beauty Creek.

Stormwater issues have plagued the area for years. The development would be a great complement to strides the city already has made with the flooding issues.

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The plan also would extend Vale Park Road, creating another east-west transportation option for that part of town, no doubt speeding emergency responses and enhancing traffic flow.

If the city were to tackle the stormwater issue by itself, engineers have estimated the price tag at $13.4 million.

The development provides the stormwater infrastructure, and much more, at a fraction of the cost.

Change often is a difficult thing for some residents to absorb.

Some are opposed to open land to which they've become accustomed being developed into new housing.

But this is the only way for communities to grow and increase tax base.

This project appears to offer several benefits to a growing Region city.

So it deserves the full attention and consideration by the Valparaiso City Council and city residents.


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