Our nation knows all too well the pitfalls of our leaders going off point.

And the impact isn't just seen with our leaders.

Venom and vitriol flow with reckless courage when such messages are being slung from a keyboard or smartphone.

Our nation was given a measure of hope earlier this week when President Donald Trump, often maligned for veering from the straight and narrow with outlandish public claims and divisive Tweets, kept it between the lines in his first State of the Union address.

Much of his message, both in detail and in broader points, carried things that should unify us as a nation.

Trump touted a national unemployment rate that is at its lowest level in decades, including historically low unemployment for black and Hispanic Americans.

The stock market has been surging to record heights, and retirement investment accounts are gaining ground.

Trump delivered a message of compromise and determination, noting he wants to work across the political aisle to pave a road to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers — immigrants who came to the country as children, illegally through no fault of their own.

We all should hope the president makes good on this promise of a cooperative spirit.

And rather than nitpicking minutia of the president's words, we should be seeing the value in his greater message — and holding his administration accountable for following through.

It's no wonder 75 percent of Americans approved of the president's speech, according to a CBS poll.

In this era of division, we all must remember and rally behind the greater points of what makes us American.

Trump provided many of those talking points.