They're our mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts and cousins.

They're our close friends, neighbors and coworkers.

They all have a voice, and we want you to hear it in their words.

Today, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we open pages of our Sunday Forum section to the voices of breast cancer warriors and survivors who live among us in Northwest Indiana.

What we all can draw from those voices is nothing short of profound.

Brave women, who are fighting or have struggled with this disease, are among us everywhere.

They tell us of their fights and that the miracle of modern medicine means a breast cancer diagnosis is no longer a likely death sentence.

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They honor the family caregivers who stood with them, side by side, through harrowing bouts of radiation, chemotherapy and the natural fear and uncertainty.

Sharon Ross, The Times regional news editor and a beloved employee, is one of those voices you hear from today on the Forum cover.

Sharon is a survivor of breast cancer, having beaten a 2007 diagnosis into the submission of remission.

Our hearts broke for her earlier this month when an annual checkup at Mayo Clinic revealed cancer had returned.

But Sharon's heart is anything but broken. The words in her column — "I’ve got this" — echo from so many brave breast cancer warriors and survivors throughout our Region.

Sharon is the epitome of bravery, and we know she does "got this."

Today is a day for their voices, not ours, to tell these epic stories of human struggle and survival.

Please join us in standing with them.



Members of The Times Editorial Board are Publisher Christopher T. White, Editor Marc Chase, Deputy Editor Kerry Erickson, Assistant Local News Editor Crista Zivanovic and Regional News Editor Sharon Ross.