2019 Letters to the editor stock

I'm scared and worried, and if you're not, you should be. What is going on with our country? The current administration is destroying our standing in the world along with institutional norms. The president insists that trade wars are great and blames the federal reserve. The president's tax plan is working out well for his billionaire buddies and corporations. Auto plants are laying off, as well as steel plants such as U.S. Steel in East Chicago. Truck drivers can no longer take advantage of per diems that were allowed previously. Farmers are going broke and have to claim bankruptcy. People are still having to work two to three jobs due to housing costs and health care. As the president said, "Who knew healthcare would be so hard?" His immigration policy is cruel and inhumane. Do you really think that white Americans are going to work in fields, meat processing plants, clean your house and watch your children?

His recent visit to the G7 was a total embarrassment. It says something when word leaders try and keep their distance because they know trying to have a meaningful conversation would be a waste of time. I recall when U.N. members actually laughed at him.

He could care less about this country or its people. The president is interested in filling his family coffers — no matter what the cost.


Ann Farmer, Whiting