The new will replace the old. To be such a simple notion to understand, we so quickly overlook this basic principle. A couple of years ago, in North Carolina, a protest rally occurred whereby white, suprematist, nationalist, Aryan sympathizers began chanting, “Jews will not replace us!?” I took this chant to be hostile, tormenting and anti-Semitic as usual. Later on, however, I come to realize these particular Aryans had a very poor understanding of historical, evolutionary progressions and developments.

I don’t know whether Jews will replace Aryans, as this matter seems to be a serious political, social and economic issue for these particular Aryans, but I do know that both Jews and Aryans will be replaced by new (future) generations not necessarily resembling Aryans or Jews, nor retaining their specific identities, interests, qualities, characters and backgrounds.

So it will also be the fate of Buddhists, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists, etc., already new generations are redefining “old schools” in ways conducive to their new lifestyles. Grandparents are replaced by grandchildren with the hope the grandchildren will live together better.

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Finally, the old will become the new no matter what we think, what we say, or what we do. We will be replaced because the “ape” did become a man.

Sam Hunter Jr., East Chicago


Copy Editor

Mary Freda is a copy editor at The Times. She hails from the Region and is a proud Ball State CCIM alumna.