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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Avoid giving conspiracy theorists a platform

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Avoid giving conspiracy theorists a platform

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Why is the Times allowing dangerous conspiracy theories to be posted in Letters to the Editor? A May 23 letter relates the COVID pandemic as “speculative” and “designed to cripple America”. He then goes on to regurgitate all of the unfounded talking points about the supposed election ‘fraud’ so often spouted by Trump and the Trump’s sycophantic news channels of Fox News and Newsmax.

Every single claim that Rapchak wrote in his letter has been debunked countless times. From the illusive “Deep State” canceling millions of votes, to the investigations in Arizona desperately searching for any evidence of fraud; of which several investigations and recounts have already happened with no proof in sight. And has the massive death toll of the pandemic not been proof enough of our reality?

So I ask again: Why is the Times allowing such baseless ideas to be spread among our community? Over 550 thousand Americans have died of COVID. There is nothing “speculative” about that. And the constant gaslighting by Republicans and the former President about the supposed election fraud is exactly what caused the January 6th Insurrection that threatened our very seat of government.

So unless the Times is in favor of people spreading misinformation the likes of which caused an armed insurrection in our nation’s Capitol, I highly suggest you think next time before you allow some conspiracy theorist a platform in our community’s newspaper.

Daniel Bazan, Highland


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