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The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights prevents the government from infringing on the right to bear arms, therefore, it is unlikely it will ever be eliminated. The main reason there are mass killings is the attachments such as the “bump” on a rifle and clips that hold 30 or more bullets.

The elimination of the “bump” and restricting handguns and rifles to a maximum six bullet magazine (or shotguns to three bullets for hunting fowl) will prevent the carnage that occurs in mass shootings.

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Many states already have restrictions on shotguns used for hunting doves, ducks, pheasants, geese, turkeys. If a hunter needs more than three bullets to kill an animal or bird maybe they shouldn’t be hunting. Will this stop the killing of citizens, NO, but it will help reduce the carnage. Such restrictions will not prevent a true sportsman or hunter from pursing their sport.

Gerald Jerry Newman, Valparaiso