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I have been reading the paper for a long time, and I have noticed in the last three years, two of your forum/political commentators who are featured as a “conservative” voices, Laura Hollis and Walter Williams, have begun to sound less like educated individuals with intelligent viewpoints and more like conspiracy theorists who utilize straw-man arguments, lack of context and obfuscation to disseminate propaganda that benefits their interests.

They are using their free speech and credentials irresponsibly.

Williams opinion, which he poses as “truth” on climate change, is dangerous and refuted by 97% of scientists. To give the 3% equal time to deny facts is unacceptable. As for Hollis, she has gone rogue. Trump admin witnesses and he himself have admitted to holding congressional-allocated funds (and a state visit) for a vulnerable democracy under attack by the Russians, hostage in exchange for political dirt on a rival.

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The Hunter Biden ordeal was bad optics but proven legal. 

Marianne Wentworth, Dyer