Is it fair labor practices or smoke and mirrors?

We want to hear your take on Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ move recently to increase the wages of his unionized campaign workers to a “livable” wage through letters to the editor.

Sanders made history in March, announcing he was putting his money where his political-platform mouth was by having the first unionized presidential campaign workers.

But then, according to complaints in the media from those same workers, it was pointed out that many of Sanders’ staffers weren’t making the level of wages Sanders has advocated for on the campaign trail.

The Washington Post reported Sanders’ campaign field organizers, who were working 60 hours a week, were earning annual salaries of $36,000, or about $13 per hour. That’s below the $15-an-hour federal minimum wage Sanders purports to seek.

One of the Sanders’ campaign responses to the complaints was to raise the pay rate to about $15 per hour but then cut hours from 60 to 43 per week.

Ultimately, earlier this week, his campaign agreed to raise salaries to $42,000 annually and preserve full health premium coverage.

Was this an attempt to live up to his campaign ideals, or was Sanders caught in a moment of hypocrisy as some critics claim?

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