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I am very thankful that I was born in Gary in 1929 in a childhood time where home meant kids played tag in in our yards; Froebel; teachers who cared; Girl Scout leader Miss Mary, a great caring leader at the local library and later camp at Lake Tippecanoe.

There used to be a truck peddler selling melons block by block, along with ice cream trucks, a hot tamale vendor and especially Coney Island hot dogs.

There was just one murder I remember hearing about in the 1930s. The victim was a female teacher. It was never solved.

Later, ice skating at Jackson Park, by bus, walking or streetcars, where I spent time on the separate pools, swings, merry-go-rounds, etc. Plus buses to take us anywhere.

We went to Miller Beach. I remember Jack Diamond's store on 11th Avenue, St. Anthony's offering me piano lessons, and games and sport areas. We walked to church and school on a weekly basis.

Yes, there were racial fears solved with Miss Ligget as principal at Froebel.

And Horace Mann, where I organized social clubs with friends.

Many memories.

Rosemary Petroff, Merrillville