LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Limiting beach access

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Limiting beach access

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The federal government owned all of the Northwest Territory in the early 1800s. It included what are now the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The federal government sold land as homesteads and turned the beaches of the Great Lakes over to the states' ownership to be held in trust for all (not just Hoosiers).

Any deed for waterfront property that extends beyond the high-water mark is invalid. Someone sold something they did not own. Thus that deed and all subsequent deeds are invalid.

Limiting beach use based on invalid deeds might be grounds to rescind state ownership just as failure to pay a mortgage would invalidate ownership.

Best solution ... oversee rewriting invalid deeds. Note on the other end of Indiana, Kentucky owns all the Ohio River to the high-water mark.

The only citation proposed that might be valid would be camping since living on property was the first recognition of ownership or validity of Homestead Claims.

Roger Stokes, St. John


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