2019 Letters to the editor stock

Unable and unwilling to accept the 2016 election results, congressional Democrats accused Trump of winning the presidential election by colluding with Russia. After a lengthy investigation and $40 million later, these charges were totally debunked. This didn't stop Democrat House Speaker Pelosi from recently calling Trump "an imposter" and yet again accusing President Trump of wrong-doing.

In their continuous, obsessive pursuit of ousting Trump from office, congressional Democrats have conjured up more unsubstantiated accusations. This led to their biased impeachment inquiry with their parade of Democrat-chosen "witnesses", who (revealed by their own testimony) actually witnessed nothing. These smug, anti-Trump "witnesses" (consisting mostly of intellectuals and bureaucrats) gave their opinions and hearsay as evidence against Trump. No presidential criminality was found.

This impeachment, based on opinions and hearsay with no criminal charge is a ridiculous joke — one only Democrats can enjoy.

Milly Rich, Crown Point