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I don't know about the rest of the citizens, but I have reached my limit with the House of Representatives in Washington. I just looked at the news and what is it like every day ... the impeachment.

Now it reports a "flood of new evidence" but not a single one was mentioned for us to see what kind of "evidence". I cut the Representatives some slack during the meeting to gather evidence when they had secret closed-door sessions. I allowed the Representatives to protect the anonymous letter writer's identity. My curiosity was strained when the Representatives showed a three-page letter but I never saw what it said.

It was a disgrace the way the two party Representatives acted in that committee. Then the committee brought this recommendation to the House floor for a vote after presenting their "facts" to the assembly.

In front of the American people, the committee proclaimed we would see and hear everything. Within a few days this committee again hid behind closed doors. The identity of the anonymous letter writer is still hidden as is his letter. We are still waiting for this formal charge to be given to the United States Senate for the trial.

Again the Representatives are hiding this for what my guess is months from now when the elections are about to take place. Why the delay if the Representatives tell us it is so important to have the impeachment for the sake of the country? Some place in this political mess the Supreme Court needs to take a stand for speedy justice. Too bad we can't disqualify every Representative from running for re-election and start fresh with people who want to represent Americans.

Jim Petro, Gary