After reading the Letter To The Editor from Rebecca Gualandi, I have a suggestion that may help get her nephew out of foster care.

I live in Indiana and have two adult sons who graduated from college and moved to Illinois ten years ago. They have worked and resided in Chicago since.

Last year each received a notice from the Indiana Department of Revenue along with a questionnaire and an invoice for about $2,000 for taxes Indiana claimed were owed. They responded indicating they had no Indiana earnings since moving to Illinois.

Over the next six months they received additional letters and tax bills. They contacted the Indiana Department of Revenue multiple times with information and proof that they did not reside or work in Indiana. We also had our lawyer contact the department — nothing worked! The threatening letters continued.

Finally, I called and met with our Indiana state senator who was able to contact the Department of Revenue directly and was able to get the issue resolved. What a frustrating time for my sons!

We learned that it took reaching someone with authority on the "inside" of government to speak for us to finally put an end to this situation.

My suggestion for Rebecca is to have her family call either their state senator or representative or their U.S. representative to get help. They represent us.

Don Smedstad, Crown Point