What war is worth fighting? That has been a debatable question since our Founding Fathers decided the Revolution was worth it. Other wars followed, and today many armed and aggrieved nations threaten our national interests. We need to revisit the question, “What is a just war?”

That came to mind when President Trump threatened Iran. I was not interested in fighting Iranians. But who is causing me to be “fighting mad?” I made a list of countries, and none caused vitriol to flow through my veins. Then I made another list:

The Democratic Party, socialists, communists, blacks, rich people, poor people, atheists, illegal immigrants, radical feminists, homosexuals, abortionists, liberals, gang bangers, the mainstream media, and the entertainment industry.

Oh, my blood is boiling now! I’m really angry, not against the individuals in these groups, but against the Democratic Party, which conspires with and manipulates the other groups to overthrow the American system.

I fought hard against the evil Soviet empire during the Reagan era. I must now fight against the evil Democratic Party. That qualifies as a just war.

Martin Henrichs, Valparaiso

The opinions are those of the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board.


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