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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Care more about Americans than Afghans

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Care more about Americans than Afghans

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Wow the Republicans have finally awakened. Five years of a Russian collusion hoax — who cares? Cities across the nation set on fire by mobs — not to worry. Gutting our energy independence and industrial jobs — OK with that. Galloping Marxism taught in our schools and socialism enacted into law with a phony infrastructure bill — no problem.

But pulling out of the rat hole known as Afghanistan after 20 years and you can hear the howls of outrage all the way from Washington D.C. All you hear from Republicans like Mitch McConnell is what will happen to the people of Afghanistan now. It would be nice if he worried as much about the people in Chicago, Baltimore, Portland, New York and San Francisco. Murder rates through the roof. Criminals released back onto the streets and an open border with no control over who enters the U.S. even if they are COVID-19 positive.

As this went on, not a peep from Republicans. But God forbid an end comes to the war games of the Pentagon and military hardware corporations. Some of these Republicans are even talking impeachment.

Some leadership we have. Democrats fighting tooth and nail to enact Marxist policy and Republicans owned out right by the military industrial complex.

Leon Gamino, Hammond


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