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In 2020, are Americans going to punish or reward the Democratic Party for using shameful third world political methods?

We've watched as:

• Their supporters shut down Trump's Chicago rally for 2016. Attendees were beaten.

• Their ANTIFA wings in Portland and Berkeley attacked and beat Republican rally attendees.

• Reports emerged of dozens of 2016 Republican candidates injured by political foes.

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• At the urging of Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters, prominent Republicans were confronted and driven out of restaurants and a theater.

• Congressional Democrats orchestrated the smear and public humiliation of a Supreme Court justice nominee.

• They've falsely accused President Trump of collusion with Russia, deliberately interfering with his presidency for nearly three years.

In efforts to nullify our votes for Trump, they've lied, spied, harassed and leaked — all while calling him "tyrant", "mob boss" and "authoritarian" (among others). Amazingly, they fail to connect themselves to the irony of their name-calling.

Milly Rich, Crown Point