2019 Letters to the editor stock

The Trump-hating media and congressional Democrats continue their relentless, unwarranted criticism and condemnation of President Trump — even his D.C. July Fourth celebration.

Who truly deserves criticism and condemnation? Congressional Democrats and their presidential candidates, whose agenda and stances are bad enough to make common-sense Americans cringe. These few examples range from ghoulish to foolish pandering:

• Abortions on demand until birth (yet, they decry inadequate conditions of undocumented children at detention centers — which they twice refused to fund months ago).

• Reparations for descendants of slaves (giving money to people who were never slaves, paid for by people who never participated in slavery).

• Open borders (Most deny it, but they will fund nothing nor fix laws that would mostly prevent vast flows of drugs and people into the U.S.)

• Free health care for undocumented residents — while Americans struggle to pay for their own.

• Object to census citizenship question (asked for 200 years).

Milly Rich, Crown Point