I always felt that when a Republican was in the White House that our flag flew a little higher and that our common values were more deeply protected and respected.

I never thought that I would see an American president solicit Russia and China to provide him with dirt on his political rivals. I never thought I would see an American president proclaim his love for a brutal dictator while disavowing our intelligence agency of Russian interference in our electoral process. I never thought I would hear our president speak so poorly about our allies while praising the leaders of two enemies that have displayed propaganda showing their weapons nuking our America.

Most of all, I never thought that I would see so many congressional Republicans muted by the behavior of this most un-American president. He has metastasized both the Republican Party and agencies of the executive branch.

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This stable genius has changed the image of the Republican Party from the party of Lincoln (the unifier) to the party of Trump (the great divider).

I now feel that our flag flies at half-staff under this Republican Party of Donald Trump. I mourn this party that has given into the excesses of this one man. I look forward to voting in the 2020 presidential election.

Frank Tomashefski, Hebron